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Company news
Company news
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Why Auplex Kamado?
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Auplex Kamado Grill---Grilling, Searing, Baking, and Smoking
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Auplex Ceramic Kamado Grill Main Features:

Kamado Material Advantage: The 2cm ceramic wall has a tremendous heat storage capacity, which can absords the the heat for hours, and the wall give kamado grill excellent insulation, high efficiency, it can hold very high and very low temperatures, reach the temperature between 50-800 degree, making them perfect for grilling and smoking.
Egg Design Superiority: Its' egg design can ensure good heat-circulation inside the grill, so the food can be cooked evenly, ceramic seals foods' moisture;

High Tightness: Cordierite Ceramic Kamado has high tightnessTogether with the air-tight lid, the temperature goes very fast through internal recycle and convection, it's high tightness can make the food more juicy and delicious,more fuel saving compared to common grill. We use lump charcoal, which is also more environmental.

Versatile, Multinational: Cordierite Ceramic Kamado  is very versatile, it has more function, like Grilling, Searing, Baking and smoking, and can be used for year around. 

BBQ Season! Lets' Barbecue!!!

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