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Company news
Company news
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Merry Christmas For everybody
hits:998   Updatetime:2018-12-26 15:30:30
One of our corporate cultures is: family culture, then our barbecue company naturally wants to give family holidays care~

Holiday gift is the norm, but there are surprises to be interesting. Our department played a game "Guardian Angel". Each person draws a card. The name written on the card is the angel we want to guard. Then Christmas Day needs to give "Angel" prepares gifts, but also guards him silently and cares for him.

The gift is even more colorful~ There are meaningful money-making tree pots, there are practical cotton slippers for warm winter days, there is a vacuum cup for packaging and tender temptation, and a super cute hairpin for family babies~

If there are too many gifts, it will not be explained one by one. Put a photo of us and let everyone envy it~



Also on Christmas Eve, our general manager Li sent a peace fruit to the production department~ The scene is very warm~




Our family culture allows us to be cared for, and we are more willing to contribute, I believe we will work harder to make our products better! Let every customer who buys our products get the perfect oven!

Offer our lovely ovens~ Welcome everyone to take them home~ Buy surprises~


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