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Company news
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The ‘Big Beef n’ Black’ Burger
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  • 500g steak mince (20% fat content)
  • 1Tbs Angus & Oink “Moo Mami” rub
  • 4 Slices of Black Pudding (not to thick)
  • 1 Onion sliced
  • Some of your favourite Beer (I used a coffee porter)
  • 4 Tbs Mayo combined with some Smoked Chipotle Relish
  • 4 slices of thick Bloomer Loaf
  • Salt and Pepper



Combine the  mince and Moo Mami in a large bowl. Add a bit of salt and pepper. Combine until the rub is evenly spread throughout the mixture.


Split the mixture into 4 equal parts and form the burger patties with your hands. Remember not to press the mixture together to hard.


Combine the Mayo and Chipotle Relish using enough relish to suit personal taste.. ( I used Habanero Steve’s Smokin’ Chipotle Relish but any will do)


Light about a half a chimney of charcoal and when lit place on one half of the BBQ with no charcoal on the other side, this will allow you to have a cool and  hot zone. Place the plancha on top and allow to heat. 


Put the oil on the plancha and fry the onions until softened. Pour over some of the beer and keep frying for a few minutes adding more beer if necessary to stop them burning. Remove and keep warm.


Place the burgers on the plancha.  When the burgers have seared nicely on the bottom (a few minutes), flip them over and add the cheese to the top. Put the slices of Black Pudding on the plancha and flip after a minute.


When your burgers hit an internal temperature of 75C, move to the indirect side of the BBQ to keep warm along with the black pudding. Toast your bread slightly on both sides.


To build the burgers spread toast with smoked chipotle mayo, add 2 burgers and top each burger with a slice of black pudding. Add some of the beer onions and a sauce of your choice to finish it all off.  I used the rest of the mayo and also added a few slices of gherkins. The toppings are entirely up to you, make it your own. You can also play around with the seasonings inside the burger to find your own secret recipe.

The ‘Big Beef n’ Black’ Burger

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