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Why Auplex Kamado?
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Auplex Kamado cooks three ways, fires up quickly, requires almost no assembly, comes nicely accessorized!


A key advantage of the Auplex kamado ceramic vessel is it's ability to insulate. Not only does this require less total heat for cooking, it also let's you cook at significantly higher temperatures or at very low temperatures for a significantly longer time. Combine this with the ability to not only control, but fine-tune temperature, and you get a grill that is extremely versatile.

Auplex Kamado can grill, sear and smoke!


Auplex Kamado is a grill First and foremost,  Its ceramic construction and unique shape, along with using lump charcoal, mean moister meats and wood-fire flavor.


Auplex Kamado will sear your steaks Thanks to the insulative properties of Auplex Kamado and the ability of lump charcoal to generate significant heat, you’ll be able to achieve temperatures up to 750° F. This means you can sear a steak. It will come off sizzling, just like it does at the high-end steak houses.


Auplex Kamado is a smoker With Kamado ’s ability to control temperature and thanks to the long-burning stamina of lump charcoal, you’ll be able to use your Auplex Kamado as a smoker or a slow cooker (it will maintain low temps for up to 12 hours without adding lump charcoal).

Starts quickly; you’ll be grilling in 15 minutes!

Lump charcoal lights more readily than briquettes. So, with a Kamado fire starter or an electric starter, you’ll be ready to grill in 15 minutes. That’s about what it takes to get even the fastest-to-prepare meal ready to grill.

Dual-disc, cast-iron vent system lets you fine-tune temps

Auplex Kamado features a unique, dual-disc top vent. The top disc (daisy wheel) is used for low-temperature cooking, while the bottom disc is used for grilling, baking, roasting and searing. This system gives you exceptional temperature control.

Less ash means easier clean up

Because lump charcoal produces less ash than charcoal briquettes, you’ll have considerably less cleanup with Kamado. Plus, unburned lump charcoal can be reignited the next time you use your grill.

Compare fit and finish, stability

If you compare, you’ll find Kamado to be the best-built ceramic grill you can buy. The fit and finish are second to none, and the stability of the grill is unmatched, as well.

Minimal assembly required with Auplex Kamado

You’ll need to take your Kamado out of the cardboard crate and do some basic assembly, but it’s easy, and your Kamado will be ready to go in minutes.

Auplex Kamado comes nicely accessorized

Unlike other ceramic grills that come stripped down, Auplex Kamado gives you everything you need to get started, including an extra-large built-in thermometer, finished folding bamboo side shelves, 304 stainless-steel grate with hinged door, a adjustable draft top vent, and a cart complete with oversized, locking caster wheels.

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